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That He Would Come

Content Author: 
Reagan, David
Published Date: 
December 10, 2005
The mystery of God; the Word was made flesh;
How can we account for the art?
That God became man; yet still remained God;
These opposites never to part.
In likeness of sinful and dishonored flesh,
To a family forgotten and poor:
A baby was born in a manger of hay:
Holy child in a world most impure.
Yet this tiny babe, forgotten on earth,
Stirred the heavenly choir to sing:
All glory to God; good will to all men.
Their voices in heaven did ring.
The One thusly born was the Ancient of Days,
With never beginning or end;
Yet here He was born and soon He would die,
Amazing that God would descend!
That God became man; yet still remained God;
Great mystery our minds cannot plumb.
But wonder of wonders, exceedingly high;
That to this dark world He would come!
Abiding eternal in heaven above;
No poverty, sickness, or pain;
Surrounded with holiness, glory, and might;
No blemish or spot could remain.
Yet stirred by the darkness and miseries of man,
And moved by His fullness of love;
He purposed to come to this lowly globe;
He came down to us from above.
A babe in the manger; no room in the inn;
King Herod would soon seek His life.
He who as a child was unknown to the world;
As a man would know hatred and strife.
He gave up the heavenly splendor and praise,
To come as the servant of men;
Then He humbled Himself and obeyed unto death;
He suffered though He did not sin.
Yes, how such a One could be both man and God?
Our mind cannot fathom or see.
But a far greater miracle, wonder untold,
Is that He would come down here for me.
No hope in the world; no knowledge of God;
A stranger to truth and to grace;
Yet one day required to answer for all;
To stand before God face to face.
O where to find meaning and purpose in life!
O how to find cleansing of guilt!
The babe in the manger; the man on the cross;
For this cause His pure blood was spilt.
When I finally came to the end of myself;
I saw that my way was not right.
I turned to the Lord and accepted His gift;
He received me that very night.
So wise men will puzzle; their question is how;
How both God and man He could be;
But the question that thrills my poor soul is the why!
Why did He? He did it for me!
David Reagan

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 26:2

As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.