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What About Christian Romance Novels?

Published Date: 
January 16, 2007

Recently we were mailed an advertisement for Christian romance novels. Included in the information were testimonials from women praising these works of fiction for blessing them and giving them hope. Also included was a survey in which, using a multiple choice format, women could mark their preferences as to their perfect home (i.e. house), automobile, and vacation destination. Of course all choices were very expensive. They could even choose the type of man they would prefer to go on a date with, presumably for guidance in later works of romantic fiction.

In an effort to show the wholesome content in their books, the advertisers refer to God, Christianity and claim that the thoughts of the characters are clean as well as their words. Admittedly this series seems to be cleaner than most of the other entertainment choices in our day. They're not pornographic, and they even mention God.

However, some women confess that oftentimes this type of reading takes them to a point that their mind can easily wander from truly clean thoughts, even if the thoughts aren't explicit. Philippians 4:8.

Another problem with this kind of reading material is that it seems to be trying to create covetousness or lust for ideals of lifestyle or men that are not realistic. Of course this breeds discontent and can easily rob a Christian marriage of joy and submission. Hebrews 13:5

Furthermore, these works and the fantasies that often follow their readers can become so addictive that many hours are spent with pleasing self (Romans 15:1-3) instead of being busy about the task God has given these women to do and enjoy. Ephesians 5:15

While not as harmful to society as many of the evils of our day, these works should be cautioned against, especially if there is much time consumed with them and if they contribute to wrong thoughts or attitudes in the mind of the reader.

Bobby Schoolfield

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