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Ahabís Victory Over Syria 

1Kings 20:1-43


INTRODUCTION:  Ahab wins two major battles over Benhadad of Syria. But he does not learn to finish the job. God gave him victories for His own glory, but promised to bring judgment on Ahab for his neglect.


I.                     BENHADADíS PLAN TO PLUNDER SAMARIA (20:1-11)


A.      Benhadadís Siege of Samaria (20:1)


B.      Benhadadís First Demand (20:2-4)


1.       His demand (v.2-3)

a.      His wealth

b.      His family as hostages

2.       Ahabís consent (v.4)

a.      He offered himself

b.      He offered all that he has


C.      Benhadadís Second Demand (20:5-6)


1.       He claimed the first demand (v.5)

2.       He demanded to send servants to take all that they want (v.6)


D.      Benhadadís Demands Rejected (20:7-9)


E.      Benhadadís Threat Against Israel (20:10-11)


1.       Benhadad promised to reduce Samaria to a bit of dust (v.10)

2.       Ahab warned Benhadad of hasty bragging (v.11)



II.                   AHABíS MIRACULOUS VICTORY OVER SYRIA (20:12-21)


A.      Benhadad Prepare to Attack Samaria (20:12)


B.      A Prophet Promised Deliverance (20:13-14)


1.       God promised to deliver for His own glory (v.13)

2.       God used the properly chosen leadership (v.14)

a.      The princes to lead the battle

b.      Ahab to order the battle


C.      The Men of Israel Approached Syria (20:15-16)


1.       The men of Israel follow the princes (v.15)

2.       They number 7,000 men (v.15)

3.       Benhadad and his kings were drunk (v.16)


D.      Benhadad Ordered the Men Taken Alive (20:17-19)


E.      The Men of Israel Defeated the Syrians (20:20-21)



III.                  AHABíS SECOND VICTORY OVER SYRIA (20:22-30)


A.      The Prophet Warned Ahab of Another Battle (20:22)


B.      The Syrians Prepared For a New Battle (20:23-25)


1.       They plan to fight in the plain (v.23)

a.      They see the God of Israel as a God of the hills

b.      They think He will not have victory in the plain

2.       They replace the political leaders [kings] with military leaders [captains] (v.24)

3.       They build their army back to its original strength (v.25)


C.      The Syrians Came up Against Israel (20:26-27)


D.      The Man of God Promised a Great Victory (20:28)


1.       The Lord took notice of the Syrianís opinion of His ability

2.       He promised to give the victory for His own glory


E.      The Israelites Defeated the Syrians (20:29-30)


1.       The Israelite army numbered 7,000

2.       They fought on the seventh day (v.29)

3.       They slew 100,000 Syrian footmen (v.29)

4.       The remaining Syrians fled to Aphek (v.30); a historical stronghold of the Philistines (1Samuel 4:1; 29:1)

5.       The wall fell on the 27,000 men that were left (v.30)

6.       Benhadad hid in the city in an inner chamber (v.30)



IV.                AHABíS COVENANT WITH BENHADAD (20:31-34)


A.      The Servants of Ahab Sought Mercy (20:31-32)


B.      Ahab Treated Benhadad as a Brother (20:32-33)


C.      Benhadad Made Promises to Ahab (20:34); the world is always willing to make promises when they are defeated.



V.                  GODíS JUDGMENT ON AHABíS NEGLIGENCE (20:35-43)


A.      A Prophet Required Himself to be Smitten (20:35-37)


1.       The prophet commanded to be smitten ďin the word of the LORDĒ (v.35)

2.       The first man (v.35-56)

a.      He refused to smite him (v.35)

b.      He was cursed because of his disobedience (v.36)

c.      He was killed by a lion (v.36)

3.       The second man (v.37)

a.      He smote the prophet

b.      He wounded the prophet


B.      The Prophet Disguised Himself Before Ahab (20:38-40)


1.       He disguised himself and waited for the king (v.38)

2.       He told a story of losing a prisoner in his charge (v.39-40)

a.      He was told ďKeep this manĒ (v.39)

b.      He was to do so for his own life (v.39)

c.      The man escaped while he ďwas busy here and thereĒ (v.40)

3.       Ahab judged against the man (v.40); Note: We are often ready to apply standards to others that we are not willing to apply to ourselves


C.      The Prophet Pronounced Judgment on Ahab (20:41-43)


1.       He quickly revealed his true identity (v.41)

2.       He proclaimed judgment on Ahab and the people (v.42)

a.      The Lord had delivered Benhadad to him

b.      Ahab had let him go

                  c.   Ahab went to his house heavy and displeased (v.43)





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