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The Great Immanuel

By: David F. Reagan

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Above this thin and hollow world,

Almighty God sends forth His call.

He pleads with souls engulfed in sin;

He pleads to one and all.


His love declares the gift He gave,

Of Jesus Christ who came and died;

Who took our judgment on His cross;

Godís wrath He satisfied.


The price for our dark deeds of sin,

Was nothing less than Godís own blood.

It cleans the stain of wicked guilt;

It saves us from the flood.


Self-righteousness, religiousness,

Cannot atone for one lost heart.

We must repent of all our sins,

From our own way depart.


For we must know that Jesus Christ,

Died on that hateful cross of shame.

He suffered hell upon that cross;

For thatóI am to blame.


His body, broken, bruised, and torn,

Was taken down from off the tree;

Placed in a dark, despondent tomb;

The devils sang with glee.


The first day passed without a sound;

The second and the third went by;

But on the morn of the next day,

The guards let out a cry!


Descending from the skies above,

Two angels came before the tomb.

They rolled the heavy stone away;

The bride would have her groom.


Triumphant life had conquered death;

For Jesus Christ walked from the grave.

The power to die and live again;

This power can truly save!


Yes, you must know your sinful state;

Turn sharply from your wayward path.

Know that the suffering Son of God,

Took on Himself your wrath.


Then know that He who died now lives;

He holds the keys of death and hell.

He lives forevermore to be,

The great Immanuel.


Believe on Him without delay;

Fall down before His wounded feet.

Know that when sought He will forgive;

Approach His mercy-seat.


Believe that He will keep the soul,

Committed wholly to His care;

The Lamb of God will not forsake;

But often will forbear.




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