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God’s Answer to Job

Job has gone through great trials without turning against God and cursing Him. However, he does complain of being unjustly persecuted and expects God to give him reasons for his suffering. In this chapter, God actually appears to Job.

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The Faith of Job

Most of this chapter gives a list of the ills experienced by Job. After considering the afflictions laid on him in the first two chapters of the book, this does not seem to be any exaggeration. The amazing part of this chapter is found in verses 25-27 where Job bursts out in an outstanding proclamation of faith in the middle of his list of trials and afflictions. He suffered. But he never lost faith. What an example to us!

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The Troubles of Job

Job may have been the first book of the Bible to have been written down. It is certainly one of the earliest. It deals with a universal theme: the problem of suffering. Is suffering always a punishment for sin? Can we know why we suffer? Will justice triumph in the end? How should we deal with suffering? Consider these questions and others that come to your mind as you study this passage.

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The Final Years of Judah

These two chapters deal with the final chaotic years of Judah, the siege and fall of Jerusalem, and the destruction of the nation. This is a sober section of scripture that reminds us that God will judge those who refuse to obey Him. Yet, even in this sad account, God retains a remnant and through them will restore the nation again at the proper time.

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The Completion of the Reign of Josiah

Josiah continues to turn Israel back to the Lord. He establishes a covenant with God and cleanses the land from all spiritual defilement. However, judgment is still set to come and after the death of Josiah, the nation goes down quickly.

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The Revival Under Josiah

The latter day revival under the reign of Josiah is one of the great stories in the Bible.

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The Reigns of Manasseh and Amon

Two evil reigns follow the good reign of Hezekiah. We see the dangers of idolatry in these two reigns. We also see the influence a leader of the people has on those people. In both cases, the people follow their king.

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The News of Saul’s Death

When you compare the description of Saul’s death in this chapter with that in 1 Samuel 31, you will find two different stories of how Saul died. 1 Samuel 31:4-5 tells us that he died at his own hand by falling on his own sword. In 2 Samuel 1:9-10 we are told that he was killed by the Amalekite. Is there a contradiction? No. The second account is that of the Amalekite himself who thought he would receive a reward for killing David’s enemy.

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The End of Saul’s Reign

God knows how to reward the righteous and punish the wicked. Those who stayed by the stuff got their share of the spoil and Saul received the end of his disobedience (Romans 2:6)

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Saul’s Death Draws Near

Saul never submits to doing things God’s way. In this lesson, he disobeys Deuteronomy 18:9-12 and seeks the help of a witch. This lesson should act as a warning against witchcraft and related abominations.

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