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Is the IRS a Terrorist?

Is the real terrorist in America the IRS? Some people think so. How should we respond as Bible-believers?

Type: Devotional

What Children Learn From Their Parents

Whether you are aware of it or not your children will learn from you. Is what they are learning going to be good for them or will it lead them into troubles?

Type: Devotional

Bitter Herbs

Are your trials like the bitter herbs eaten by the children of Israel? How can scripture help you with these bitter herbs?

Type: Devotional

The Fall of Adam and Eve

Man’s first chance at paradise was lost because he listened to the lies of the devil and did the one thing that God had kept from him.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

Still the God of Judgment

Are you undergoing judgment right now? Are you heading for certain judgment because of stubborn disobedience to God? Then repent of your sins and seek God

Type: Devotional

Praise and Worship God

Do you praise the Lord in your time of prayer? Do you praise Him in your daily walk of life?

Type: Devotional

Overcoming Defeat With Victory

Sometimes, we find ourselves scattered and astonished. Refuse to trust in the help of man but look only to the God of heaven and earth. He is the only one who will surely give victory.

Type: Devotional

Only a Link In the Chain - By: Meditation on Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Alone, Moses climbed the rugged path to the top of Mount Pisgah in the land of Moab. Though preserved in body and mind, his 120 years (40 of them in the wilderness) made him worn in years and in battles. His last battle was his attempt to enter the Promised Land. He lost. He was to die after seeing the land from the mountain top.

Type: Devotional

A Miracle of Fire

What is the condition of your personal altar? Is it in good repair or do you need to work on it? God may not send fire from heaven, but God is ready to do great things in your life if you give yourself to Him.

Type: Devotional

Mercy Killing

Is mercy killing or euthanasia acceptable to God? Should we put to death those who are suffering with a terrible disease?

Type: Devotional
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