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Why did Abraham want his son to get a wife from a far land?
A bookshop owner here in England (Michael Penfold of Penfold Book and Bible House) has recently produced a leaflet called "Is the King James Version Perfect?" in which he lists all of the 'errors' in the AV, details the differences between the 1611 and the one we have today and also belittles those of us that hold the AV to be the infallible word of God. A couple of brothers and I are preparing a thorough reply to this leaflet. I believe that if we don't it may do some Bible believers some harm. The Lord helping us we have managed to answer nearly all of the points he raises. However he does make reference to a textual change in Ezekiel 24:7.
How do we get the idea that the "sons of God" are fallen angels?
Our four year old son is asking questions about heaven and hell. Through my wife and my conversations with him he seems really close to being ready. However, I have had difficulty in explaining the "plan of salvation" to a four year old. I have talked with him about not minding mommy and daddy, taking toys that belong to his friends, not telling the truth, etc. as being sin. But how can I go from his being a sinner to understanding that Christ took away his sins? Can you provide me with some illustrations or guidance in dealing with this most important subject? We have prayed for his salvation before he was born; I want to be sensitive to the Spirit as well as wise in dealing with my little boy.
What do most theologians believe happened to the ark of the covenant?