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When the Ephesians believed on Christ, they examined the moral nature of each aspect of their lives. This led them to burn their curious arts books.
Witchcraft is a work of the flesh, and God views it like He views adultery and murder. As such, it should have no place in the life of a believer.
Many people turn to fortune tellers, psychics, and horoscopes for hope. Faith in this hope (false hope) has ruined countless lives.
Witchcraft, magic, and other similar practices are very lucrative. In fact, the love of money is at the root of this evil just as it is all others.
There are always two spirits at work: the Holy Ghost and a satanic or false spirit. Witchcraft comes from a satanic spirit and opposes God's Spirit.
With each passing year, witchcraft has grown more acceptable in the eyes of man, yet God has not wavered concerning His thoughts on these matters.
Those who meddle with astrologers and sorcerers (and like practices) put themselves on a collision course with God's judgment.
God expects His people to avoid unholy practices (i.e., divination, observing of times, witchcraft, wizardry, necromancing) that ensnare the world.
Seeking counsel or instruction from spirits or from the deceased is a wicked practice and demands God's righteous judgment.
Many unsaved people practice astrology (i.e., horoscopes) and other unscriptural use of the signs in the heavens. Believers should reject these practices.