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Bible Knowledge For Beginners

Are you just beginning to study God's word? Do you have questions like, "where do I begin to study the Bible"?  This section of the site is designed to help those who are just getting started in God's word.

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  • Assurance of Salvation: What Has God Done?  This is the first lesson in a series of discipleship helps for new Christians.  Taken from a new book by Donnie Melton.  This one deals with God's part in salvation.  Questions are at the end of the lesson.

  • Believer's Baptism: What is the method of baptism?  Who should be baptized and when?  What does baptism do for you.  This discipleship lesson answers these questions.

  • Bible Reading Plan for Beginners:  Have you tried to read you Bible through but got bogged down?  Here is a plan for beginners.  Perhaps this is where you should start.

  • Book Recommendations:  Recommending reading by those who work on LTB.

  • Buried with Him in Baptism - A doctrinal and historical study of baptism based on Romans 6.  Who is baptism for?  Is sprinkling acceptable?  What does baptism do for a person?  These questions and more are dealt with in this article.

  • Doctrine of the Holy Scriptures: Bible Study by Evangelist Donnie Melton with study questions to see what you have learned.

  • Eternal Security: After you are saved, what keeps you from losing your salvation?  This discipleship lesson shows why we are eternally secure.

  • God the Father: First Person of the Trinity - Bible Lesson on the doctrine of God.  With study questions.

  • God the Holy Spirit: Third Person of the Trinity - The Person, Promise and Purposes of the Holy Ghost.  He will convict you, convert you, control you and counsel you.  Discipleship lesson with test at the end.

  • God the Son: Second Person of the Trinity - Lesson on Jesus Christ: who He is, what He has done, is doing and will do. Great introduction to the doctrine of Christ.

  • The Habit of Giving:  Are we commanded to tithe in the age of grace?  What should we be giving if anything to our local churches?  This article deals with giving of finances but also with giving of ourselves.  What kind of habit should we have when it comes to giving?

  • Humility in the Servant's Heart: The state of your heart is of utmost importance in Christian service.  The true servant of Christ is called to have a humble heart.

  • Is the Bible True - A Sevenfold Witness for the Scriptures:  How do we know that the Bible is true?  There are many religions in the world and they all claim to be true.  How can we accept Christianity and the Bible with so many who oppose it?

  • Lost Without a Tract to Stand On: What kind of limitations are placed on tracts? Are tracts large enough that one could be saved by reading it alone and nothing else? Can a man be saved without a human witness present? In this article, Pastor Reagan gives an anonymous evangelist some constructive criticism regarding being saved by a tract alone.

  • The One God of the Bible:  Basic teaching on the existence and essence of God.  Good for those wanting to understand basic Bible doctrine.

  • Salvation: What Must I Do?  The second lesson of Donnie Melton's discipleship series deals with the how of salvation.  Do you know that you are saved and a child of God?  This lesson will help you.

  • Saved and Sure of It: Can you be sure that you are saved? The third part of Donnie Melton's lesson on assurance of salvation - from his discipleship series.

  • That You May Grow:  Discipleship series for new believers.  New Christians learn about assurance of salvation and growth in the things of the Lord.


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