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The study of typology is a wonderful study.  Biblical typology should never be used to teach new doctrine, but rather to reinforce a doctrine already plainly taught in the scriptures.  The articles listed on this page will be the newest additions and you may search the archived material by topic or by text.

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  • Christ the Rose of Sharon - Song of Solomon 2:1: The Lord Jesus elegantly expresseth his own excellency, by comparing himself unto a Rose, the Rose of Sharon.

  • Christ a Garment for Sanctification:  Garments are for the covering of the body. They hide nakedness and deformity. The Lord Jesus Christ is a cover for the soul, every manís nakedness and deformity appears that hath not on this spiritual Garment.

  • Christ a Branch - Zechariah 3:8; 6:12; Hebrews 12:24; : In the scriptures, Jesus Christ is called the Branch. We are to understand His human nature as intended. As such, concerning the flesh, he proceeded from Abraham, Jesse and David.

  • Christ a Prophet - Matthew 13:57; Luke 7:16; John 4:19; Acts 3:22: The Lord Jesus Christ had three offices. They are Prophet, Priest and King. In what aspects was Jesus Christ a Prophet?

  • Christ a Priest - Hebrews 7:17, 26: One of the greatest blessings of being saved is having Jesus Christ as your High Priest. No longer must you go to a man to confess your sins and ask forgiveness, but you can approach the throne of grace with boldness through the shed blood of our High Priest.

  • Christ a King:  There is no higher name or title to set forth dignity amongst men, than kings or mighty potentates. There is nothing doth more fully set forth the glory, power, and splendor of Christ than this.

  • Christ - The Servant of God - Isaiah 42:1; 49:6: A Servant is one chosen to office. If men have work or business to do, they choose one to be their servant, whom they think fitly qualified, and able to do it. Christ was chosen by the Father. Not to one office only, but to many. To be a Mediator, King, Priest and Prophet.

  • Christ a Testator - Hebrews 9:16:  The death of the Testator has put His will and testament into effect.  In what ways is Christ a Testator? Great blessings have been left to His people?  Are you experiencing those blessings?

  • Christ the Way - John 14:6: Way is a common word or phrase, taken for the chief means and medium for the attainment or accomplishment of a thing, and so is very comprehensive. Here man is the subject, God or happiness the end, Christ the Way.

  • Christ a Physician: Christ cures all that come to him, whatsoever the distemper be, he hath an universal medicine, with which he infallibly cures all sicknesses, diseases, and wounds of the soul.

  • Christ a Bridegroom: A Bridegroom presupposes two things. First, a person in a single capacity; and as so considered, he is a suitor. Secondly, a person in a married estate; and as so considered, he is a head or husband. In both these respects Christ may be considered, and is held forth in the word of God.


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