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Bible Knowledge - College Notes

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Oh how we need preachers and saints with a solid doctrinal foundation today!  Please browse this section for some articles on the precious teachings of God's holy word.



  • Detailed notes as taught to the students of Scripture Baptist College

  • Free to download, copy, use and give to others.  You may alter them to suit your own needs and desires.  You may not publish them for profit or claim the copyright as your own.  That still belongs to the individual teacher.

  • Publishing the notes to the web is time-consuming.  We will add courses to the site as quickly as we reasonably can.

  • We hope that these notes will be used to teach Bible all over the world.  If you are able to use any of these notes, please let us know.

Notes Available

  • Bible History - Strictly speaking, covers the period of Bible history from the creation in Genesis through the time of the Prophets

  • Bible Preservation - Also known as Manuscript Evidence.  Covers the doctrine and history of Bible corruption and Bible preservation.

  • Bibliology - The doctrine of the word of God.  Deals with the doctrines of revelation, inspiration and preservation and introduces the student to the subject of manuscript evidence.

  • CHURCH HISTORY NOTES: From a Bible College class.

    • Introduction to Church History: Purpose, Definition, Branches, Sources, General Outline, Important Dates and Trends in Church History--with some quotes.

    • Church History - Age of Apostles: The contribution of Jews, Romans, Greeks, Orientals. Evangelization, Completed Canon of Scripture, Apostolic Writers, Early Heresies.

  • Be Fruitful and Multiply: Genesis 9:1 - Listen to Bible College class from the course on Dispensations. Deals with the need to plant churches and how the commission given to Noah teaches this. Has outline used in the class.


Open the Bible Question Form to send your own question.


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