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Oh how we need preachers and saints with a solid doctrinal foundation today!  Please browse this section for some articles on the precious teachings of God's holy word.

  • Aaronites: 1Chronicles 12:27-28 mentions the Aaronites. Who are they and what is their significance in the Bible?

  • Aaron's Rod: The rod was probably in the form of a walking-stick, but it could also have been used as a shepherd’s staff or even a weapon. We are not specifically told. Aaron’s rod is first mentioned by name in Exodus 7:9-12, when Moses commanded him to cast down his rod before Pharaoh. It became a serpent and then swallowed up the magicians’ rods that had become serpents. This was the initial sign that God had given to Moses to verify to the Israelites that he was sent from God (Exodus 4:1-4).

  • Ab: Ab is the Jewish name for the fifth month in the religious calendar and the eleventh month of the civil calendar. What more can we learn about the significance of this month?

  • Abaddon:  Abaddon is the anglicized form of the Hebrew word meaning destruction. It is translated as “destruction” in several Old Testament passages.  In the New Testament, in its only use in the English Bible as Abaddon, it is given as one of the names for the king over the supernatural locusts in the bottomless pit.
  • Abana: The Abana is one of the two rivers of Damascus (the other being the Pharpar) mentioned by the Syrian general Naaman in 864BC [Reese] as being “better than all the waters of Israel”
  • Abarim: The name Abarim means regions beyond and refers to regions east of the Jordan River.
  • Abase: The word, abase, came from Latin though the French to the English. To abase literally means to bring to the base (the base being the lowest part of a column); to bring down low.

  • Abated: The word, abate, came to English from French. Literally, abate means to beat down or batter. It can also mean to come down. It refers most often to the lessening of the strength of an action in some way or another.

  • Abba: Abba is the transliteration of the Aramaic word for father. It is always used as a direct address to God the Father.

  • Abbey: An abbey is a monastery of monks ruled by an abbot or a monastery of nuns ruled by an abbess. Each abbey will normally follow a particular religious order (like Benedictines, Augustinians, Franciscans, and others).

  • Abda - Bible Dictionary Entry: The name of two men in the Bible, both of whom are only mentioned one time. The name means the servant and implies the servant of God.

  • Abdeel: Abdeel means servant of God. The name is mentioned only in Jeremiah 36:26

  • Abdi - Bible Dictionary Entry: Abdi means my servant. It is the name of three different men in the Bible.

  • Abdiel - Bible Dictionary Entry: His name means servant of God and is mentioned only once in Scripture.
  • Abdon:  Although the name Abdon is only used eight times in the Bible, it is used as the name of four men and one city.

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