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Committing Suicide - Can it be Forgiven?

What does the Bible say about suicides? Would you, if already saved still be forgiven and granted a place in heaven?

Thank you so much for writing us. I want to be very careful in how I answer this question. I found at least six examples in the scripture of people committing suicide. Most of the examples give us no hint as to the eternal destination of those who had committed suicide. There is however, one example that will let us see what we are looking for.


We find in Judges 16:28-30 that Samson prayed to God to let him die with the Philistines. He then pushed apart the pillars that held up the roof that was above him. The roof came down and killed many Philistines but it also killed Samson. So did Samson do this knowing that he would die? Yes. I know that this was in a sense something similar to a man giving his own life in order to defeat an enemy in battle, but Samson still knew that he was going to die during this and even prayed that he could. So where did Samson go after he died? Well in the Book of Hebrews we find a list of people and what accomplishments they made and the faith that they had. In Hebrews 11:32-40 we find Samson mentioned and he is in an elite group. These people knew God and did something for him “by faith”. So apparently Samson is with God despite the fact that he committed suicide.

Other Examples

Something however must be said of the other examples in scripture. First of all none of the examples were people who were in the will of God. It is not God’s will for someone to commit suicide in order to escape some sort of trial or suffering. God is able to take us out when he is ready or at the same time He is able to help us through whatever we are going through. The other examples in the Bible are Judas, Zimri, Ahithophel, Saul’s armour-bearer, and Saul. This is not a Godly group of people. I just want to make sure and emphasize that someone that is in the will of God will look to God for help and not end their life.

Can it be forgiven?

One thing that you will find among those who say that salvation can be lost, is a misconception of what sin is. For example, are we supposed to attend church faithfully unless providentially hindered? I think so (Hebrews 10:25). Now what would you say would happen if you laid out of church on Sunday and you died on Monday without having confessed to God that you were sorry for missing church? Are you lost? No, but you may answer to the Lord for it. According to the Bible saved people will have to give an account for the things done in the body whether good or evil. The Bible says that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from “all” sin (1 John1:7). For more information you can see other articles on the website dealing with eternal security.