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A Hard Heart Leads to Mischief (Proverbs 28:14)

Introductory Thoughts

A tender heart quickly and readily yields when offered correction; however, as a heart becomes hardened, the times of yielding become fewer and farther apart. During the hardening process, the individual finds the true nature of the heart more difficult to grasp. As the heart further hardens, the individual finds himself involved in further defiance. The mischief may start as seemingly insignificant, but a hardening heart will ultimately lead to greater depths of wickedness, some seemingly unimaginable only a short time ago. Some of the worst sins committed in the Bible by God's people were committed by those who shortly before had displayed a tender heart. Yet, they allowed their hearts to be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): King Saul did not abide by what God wanted him to do as told to him by Samuel. He simply offered excuses when asked about his wrongdoings and blatant disobedience. His hard heart eventually led him to attempt to kill David who had done him no harm (1 Samuel 23:9)
  • (For everyone):  How far away from the Lord do you have to wander before the Lord deals with your heart? Do you find it easier to ignore His dealings the more you refuse to repent?
  • Why do we long to get involved in mischief? Why do we struggle so much to do right? Is it because we have allowed our hearts to become hardened by sin?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to help you repent when He corrects you.
  • Ask the Lord to protect you from the mischief that a deceitful heart desires.


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