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A Praying Man (Job 1:5)

Introductory Thoughts

Job’s home was certainly not a perfect home, but God testified to this man’s faithfulness. The Bible points to prayer as one of Job’s most faithful qualities. Job continually sought the Lord on his children’s behalf with offerings and prayer. One might consider this a simple task if the family loves and serves God together. Yet, Job’s wife is the only indicator we have of Job’s family and she mocked Job’s faithfulness (Job 2:9). Some husbands and fathers are quick to point out the errors of those within their home, but could only be moved to prayerful intercession before the Lord by a tragic event. A man who fails to pray for his God-given family is really no man at all.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): The Bible offers many examples of fathers praying for their children, both born and unborn. King David fasted and prayed for a sick child (2 Samuel 12:15-16). He also prayed for his son Solomon to follow Gods ways (1 Chronicles 29:19). Manoah prayed that God would direct him how to raise his unborn child (Judges 13:8).
  • (For everyone): Are you the head of your home? If so, do you regularly pray for your wife and/or children? How could Jobs wife have better handled the tragedies in their family?
  • Read the account of the father in Matthew 17:14-18. What did the father do to help his son? How could this be a picture of a father praying for his child?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to help you be faithful in prayer.
  • Ask God to strengthen each member of the family.