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Age Does Not Equal Wisdom (Ecclesiastes 4:13)

Introductory Thoughts

Wisdom often results from time and experience. It should not, however, be assumed that old age automatically equals wisdom. For instance, the Bible says, “Better is . . . a wise child than an old and foolish king.” Wisdom comes from the Lord, and He distributes wisdom irrespective of one’s age. Perhaps the wisest statements given by man found within the Book of Job were given by a young man named Elihu (Job 32:6). He listened carefully as Job’s older friends spewed forth foolish words. He thought that “days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom” (Job 32:7). Eventually, he came to the conclusion, “great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment” (Job 32:9).

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): No matter what your age, if you fear the Lord and do what He says, you attain to wisdom (Job 28:28). However, be admonished that age does not always result in becoming wise. For instance, Eli was old and knew God, but didnt fear Him enough to do what God had said (1 Samuel 2:22a, 27- 29; 1 Samuel 3:13). Thus, Eli was old but not wise.
  • (For everyone): Why is it important to understand that old age does not automatically suggest wisdom? Is it possible to receive foolish advice from an older person while receiving wise advice from a youth? Understand that when this happens, it is frequently the exception and not the rule
  • What is the source of wisdom? How can you insure that you will grow wiser with age? Why is it important for you to increase in wisdom as you increase in age?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to give you the ability to know and recognize wise counsel.
  • Thank God for His willingness to give wisdom regardless of age.