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Better Is Little (Proverbs 15:16-17)


Most people have heard the familiar cliché that "money can't buy you happiness." In fact, the greatest treasures of life cannot be purchased at all. Yet, accumulating treasures and eating the finest of foods are the prized possessions of life for far too many people. The Bible says that these things fade away in comparison to the spiritual blessings derived from a life devoted to the Lord. In fact, nothing in this world compares to a healthy, biblical fear of the Lord. The love and peace possessed by faithful Christians offers lasting fulfillment while the combined riches of the world simply flee away. When a man fears God, combined with the love of those around him, a dinner of herbs (unsatisfying to the discontented) satisfies his appetite while the blessings of God satisfy him wholly. The Bible repeatedly declares spiritual blessings far superior to any worldly possessions. Men would be wise to choose God's blessings over the world's accolades.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children) With whom would you rather play: a friend who has lots of the newest toys, but treats you mean or one who only has a couple of toys, but is very nice to you?
  • (For everyone) Do you find yourself constantly complaining about the things that others possess but you don't have? What are the most important things in this life? Do you have those things? If not, what could you do to obtain them?
  • If you knew you could, would you want to be wealthy? What if you knew that by becoming rich, you would lose much of the love and joy you now experience? Would you still want that wealth regardless of the cost?


  • Ask the Lord to help you to be content.
  • Ask God to help you ask for only the things God wants you to have.


Count Your Blessings