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Encourage Others (Deuteronomy 3:21-29)


In Deuteronomy, Moses rehearsed the events that led up to God’s denying him entry into the promised land though he was Israel’s leader at the time. The Lord instructed Moses, as he stood upon Mt. Pisgah, to encourage and strengthen Joshua. Moses could have offered numerous excuses for not wanting to encourage Joshua. Instead, Moses determined to obey God by strengthening and encouraging his successor. He knew that Joshua as Moses’ replacement was about to face some of the greatest trials of his life. There would be times of fear along with battles and obstacles, small and great. The Lord knew Joshua desperately needed courage to make it through these trials. He, therefore, enlisted Moses and instructed His children to encourage the new leader during this difficult transition (Deuteronomy 1:38).

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children) Has someone you know been hurt or fallen sick? What could you do to help make them feel better (pray, send a card or visit)?
  • (For everyone) Joshua needed encouragement because he was going to face some difficult times. Can you think of anyone who might be going through some difficult circumstances? What have you done to encourage them? Have you spoken encouraging words to them?
  • The Lord expected Moses and the people to encourage Joshua. Moses could have responded, I cant because Im about to die. The people could have said, We cant because we too are afraid. Yet, God expected obedience. Do you ever make excuses for not encouraging others? Do your excuses satisfy the Lords expectations of you?


  • Ask God to help you see others who need encouragement.
  • Ask the Lord to show you when your actions or words begin to discourage others.


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