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Envy Yields Action (Proverbs 3:31)

Introductory Thoughts

Envy is a heart problem that if caught early should never outwardly manifest itself to others. However, failure to recognize the existence of envy in one’s life and repent swiftly will yield to much greater future problems. Solomon’s first admonition to his son was that he not envy the oppressor. This warning was followed by a second admonition against choosing the oppressor’s ways. If a man envies the wicked, he will eventually be convinced to travel the direction that he once only envied. Long before an individual outwardly turns from righteousness to worldliness, he does so within his unrestrained thoughts. Failure to repent of these thoughts eventually yields to the unholy actions once deemed unacceptable.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): An unchristian neighbour brags to you and others that he is having more fun camping on the weekends than you have going to church. If you envy his words and actions, you might find yourself soon quitting church in order to seek worldly pleasures. You must remember that God will reward your faithfulness (Psalm 31:19, 23). If your neighbour does not know God, his future is bleak with nothing to look forward to (Romans 6:23).
  • (For everyone): Have you allowed known sin within your life to overtake you? Did you first find yourself envying others who were partaking in the very sin of which you are now guilty?
  • Are you currently envious of anyone in your heart? Are you willing to repent of this sin before it goes beyond repair? What will happen if you refuse to repent?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to help you see the end result of envy.
  • Ask the Lord to show you when envy creeps into your heart.