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Give Thyself Wholly to Them (1 Timothy 4:12-15)

Introductory Thoughts

Worldly meditation primarily focuses upon clearing the mind and making it devoid of thought. The Bible reveals the opposite process. Today’s passage comes from a more extensive letter that Paul sent to his son in the faith, Timothy. In this letter, Paul encouraged Timothy to be an example to those around him. As a young man, Timothy was instructed not to allow his youth to hinder his service to the Lord. In Paul’s absence, Timothy was to major upon three things: reading, exhortation, and doctrine (1 Timothy 4:13). Paul told Timothy to “meditate upon these things” (1 Timothy 4:15), or give himself wholly to them. In doing so, Timothy’s profiting would appear to all.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): We should think on our ways (Psalm 119:59). If were not doing what God says, then we should start doing it. If we havent obeyed dad and mom (Colossians 3:20), then we should start doing this very thing. Other children may notice our example and follow.
  • (For everyone): How would Timothys meditation lead to others being able to see his profit? How is this connected to Joshuas meditation leading to success?
  • Do you give yourself to reading, exhortation, and doctrine? Do you meditate upon these things? Do you find that others profit from your meditation?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to help you give yourself to His word.
  • Ask God to use your time of meditation for the benefit of others.