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Godly Sorrow Yields Zeal (2 Corinthians 7:11)

Introductory Thoughts

People often consider sorrow as something that breeds discouragement or even depression. However, there exists another type of sorrow called godly sorrow. It serves to positively influence the lives of those devoted to Christ. In fact, godly sorrow works to develop other godly traits such as carefulness, righteous indignation, fear of God, vehement desire, and zeal in the life of the believer. When we experience sorrow of a godly sort from having failed the Lord, it helps us to learn to serve Him with renewed fervency and zeal. This truth is further validated by the biblical principle that those who are forgiven much by the Lord will love Him more (Luke 7:41-47). Those who consistently reflect upon where God brought them will experience the right type of sorrow. Further scriptural study reveals that the most zealous Christians are those who were deeply influenced by godly sorrow.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Can you imagine how the apostle Peter must have felt after he denied he knew the Lord three times? The Bible says that he wept bitterly over his sin and shame. Yet, he ultimately became a great servant for the Lord who was exceedingly blessed by being chosen of God to write two epistles in the New Testament.
  • (For everyone):  Have you ever sensed severe remorse after failing the Lord? Does that sorrow make you to want to serve Him with a greater fervency and zeal or cause you to lose faith?
  • Many people can testify that before salvation they gave many years zealously to the Devil's ways. Have you determined to serve the Lord as zealously as you once served the works of the flesh?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to give you zeal in His service.
  • Ask the Lord to work sorrow in your heart over your failures.


In Evil Long I Took Delight