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Humility Precedes Honour (Proverbs 15:33)

Introductory Thoughts

It seems that far too many men seek to be honoured by others whether deserved or completely unwarranted. However, few men understand the proper biblical path for being rightfully honoured. One would naturally think honour comes to those who are confident and proud, but the Bible reveals the opposite. Proverbs 15:33 and Proverbs 18:12 both declare that humility precedes honour. This means that a person desiring to receive honour must first possess the character trait of true humility. Conversely, the Bible points out that a haughty heart precedes the pathway to destruction (Proverbs 18:12). Moreover, the Bible couples humility with the fear of the Lord and shows that it yields riches, honour, and life (Proverbs 22:4). Desiring these good things is only reasonable, yet they are only derived through God’s prescribed means and not man’s self-styled means.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Some children always want to be first first in line, first to choose a toy, etc. They blurt out what they want or run ahead of everyone to get their way. However, the Lord remains most pleased when we are willing to put others first. 
  • (For everyone): Do you desire honour? Are you actively seeking honour? What path are you taking to get it? Are you seeking it through pride and a haughty spirit or through genuine humility?
  • Do you seek the praise of others by audible request or through your silent actions? Are you constantly explaining your greatness or do you allow your genuine effort to speak for itself?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to give you a genuine humility.
  • Ask God to help you find honour His way.


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