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I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Psalm 139:14)

Introductory Thoughts

The Lord took great pains in ensuring that the details of creation were just as He desired. He left nothing to itself in hopes that it would turn out, but knowingly cared for the smallest details. David understood this truth but declared that this care extended beyond the initial creation. Not only had God created and cared for the initial creation, but David proclaimed that he was also “fearfully and wonderfully made.” In order to add some context to his statement, David acknowledged that he spoke of the time when he was in his mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). If this were not enough, several other passages identify the Lord as the One who formed the child within the womb (Isaiah 44:2, 24; Isaiah 49:5; Jeremiah 1:5).

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): The Lord made each and every one of us (Deuteronomy 32:18; Job 31:15; Psalm 100:3; Psalm 119:73a). He has a plan for us even before we are born. Consider these examples: Genesis 25:21-24; Matthew 1:21-23; Luke 1:13-17.
  • (For everyone): Why would mankind spend so much time trying to deny the existence of the very God who formed them? What would be the purpose in removing the presence and authority of God?
  • What involvement did the Lord have in your creation and birth? Why did He place you in your family? How has that developed who you are? What are some things you learned from your family?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Thank God for protecting you in the womb.
  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to live.