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If Any Provide Not for His Own (1 Timothy 5:8)

Introductory Thoughts

The Bible explicitly emphasizes the spiritual responsibility of providing for one’s family. Sometimes believers wrongfully distinguish between the ministry work and any so-called secular work, but both are accomplished scripturally and prayerfully to please the Lord. 1 Timothy 5:8, in the direct context, deals with the responsibilities of providing for a household member who is a widow; yet, the emphasis upon “those of his own house” broadens the scope. A man who fails or refuses to provide for the needs of his family has “denied the faith” and said to be “worse than an infidel.” That is certainly a stiff and stern rebuke. It remains the man’s responsibility to provide for his family regardless of how far societal norms move away from God’s precepts. This does not mean that the woman cannot assist in the provision (Proverbs 31:13-16) but that the responsibility still belongs to the man.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): God told Adam to work in the garden (Genesis 2:15). After Adam and Eve sinned, the responsibility to work still fell upon the man (Genesis 3:16-19) but the work would be much harder. Genesis 3:19 was spoken to Adam although Eve would also be affected.
  • (For everyone): Do you provide for your family? Do you see it as a spiritual responsibility given to you by the Lord? Do you labour so that your family can have what they need to serve the Lord?
  • Do both the husband and wife in your home work? Is it because it is necessary, or is it so you can satisfy your desires beyond what is necessary? Are you willing to do whats right, even if it costs you financially?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to give good health and strength to your provider.
  • Ask God to make your home an example of godliness.