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Meddling with God (2 Chronicles 35:21)

Introductory Thoughts

As Necho, king of Egypt, was on his way to fight against Carchemish, king Josiah of Judah came out against him for battle. Necho assured Josiah that the battle did not involve Judah and that the Lord had commanded him to make haste against the house of Carchemish. In order to turn Josiah’s intervention, Necho reminded Josiah that his intervention would be meddling with the will of God. Josiah refused to listen to the warning and meddled in these matters costing him his life (2 Chronicles 35:22-24). Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, expressed a similar statement when he told his peers that they should let the apostles alone lest they fight against God (Acts 5:34-39).

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): It is a useless endeavour to fight against God (2 Chronicles 13:12b; Isaiah 46:9-10). The enemies of Jesus tried to interfere with the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Matthew 27:62-66), but it was in Gods plan and they could not stop it (Matthew 28:1-6).
  • (For everyone): In what ways might we involve ourselves in the Lords work and end up fighting against the Lord? How should we involve ourselves in the Lords work to insure that we do not meddle with Him?
  • Gods plan is not open to discussion. How did Josiahs intervention turn to meddling with God? What kind of man had Josiah been in his life? How should this serve as a warning to all?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to help you further His work rather than hindering it.
  • Ask God for wisdom to know when you are meddling with Him.