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No Shame in Hope (Romans 5:1-5)

Introductory Thoughts

Every person has done sinful things for which he was ashamed even prior to salvation (Romans 6:21). Some of those things are so wicked that the apostle Paul would not even mention what they were (Ephesians 5:12). The life of a Christian was never intended by God to be that way. According to verse 5 above, the Christian life is to be a life void of shame. This type of fulfilled life is only possible when hope is present for “hope maketh not ashamed.” Yet, every Christian must come to understand that hope is the outcome of a sometimes lengthy spiritual process. Here is the biblical sequence. If one properly endures tribulation, he learns to have patience. Patience, in turn, brings experience, and experience brings hope. All these things work together in the life of the believer to keep him from living a life of shame. There is truly no shame in a life lived with hope!

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Paul had hope in the resurrection and knew he would give an account of his life to the Lord (Acts 24:14-16; Romans 14:12; 1 Corinthians 4:4b). We will never be ashamed when we hope in God's word (Psalm 119:4-6).
  • (For everyone): Are you saved? If so, you will stand before the judgment seat of Christ one day. How important will it be in that day that you had hope in the Lord and His word?
  • Think of some times when you hoped in the Lord. Think of some times when you claimed a Bible promise. Have you ever been ashamed in those times?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Thank God for the blessings of hope.
  • Ask God to help you hope in His word.