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The Sacrifice of the Meek (Isaiah 29:19)

Introductory Thoughts

In the midst of suffering, Christians can fail to rejoice in future blessings resulting from obedience. Additionally, the trials of life can cause one to lose focus on the unseen future blessings.  One such case involves rightfully leaving vengeance to the Lord (Romans 12:19). God's blessings are frequently not seen or realized until much later. The meek who leave vengeance to the Lord have God's promise that "The LORD lifteth up the meek" (Psalm 147:6). Nevertheless, a believer living a meek life may become disheartened by those who take advantage of kindheartedness. In fact, a meek and compassionate believer may appear weak in the eyes of the world necessitating the Lord's deliverance (Psalm 76:9; Psalm 149:4). In the end, the Lord will deliver (Psalm 76:9), lift up (Psalm 147:6), beautify (Psalm 149:4), and bless (Matthew 5:5) the meek. It is important to remember that the future blessings following life's temporary trials are worth forgoing the immediate pleasures that might come from taking matters into our own hands.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): King Saul was jealous of David and repeatedly tried to kill him although David had done nothing wrong. David could have killed king Saul two different times but chose not to. He believed God would take care of the matter. What happened to king Saul in the end? Who took his place on the throne as king of Israel?
  • (For everyone): Do you want the blessings of the Lord upon your life or the immediate gratification that comes from knowing that you told that person how it was? Would you rather satisfy the Lord or your own wicked fleshly desires?
  • Are you willing to wait upon God's blessings knowing that you have exemplified the meekness of Christ? Do you require present satisfaction in order to do right?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to give you patience when your righteous actions cause others to abuse you.
  • Ask the Lord to show you the blessings that come from living meekly.