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What Is Praise? (2 Samuel 22:4)

Introductory Thoughts

Most Christians have an incorrect concept of the meaning of the word praise. Perhaps one reason for this is the fact that some believers have labeled many charismatic tendencies as praise in order to justify their behaviour. Historically, the word was understood to have a connection to value or worth. Even today, people understand this connection when considering the word appraisal. In fact, many verses that deal with praise also include some statement of the Lord’s worth. 2 Samuel 22:4 says, “I will call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised.” One must declare the worth of the object of praise in order to praise someone or something. If an action fails to declare the personal value of a person or thing, it cannot rightly be considered praise.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Praising God is expressing to Him that we know He is perfect, holy, good, great, etc. It is also thanking Him for something Hes done. Some examples are Moses (Exodus 15:1, 6, 11); Hannah (1 Samuel 2:1-3); Solomon (1 Kings 8:22-24).
  • (For everyone): What are some actions that could be considered praise unto the Lord? How do those things declare the Lords worth or value to you personally?
  • What does it say about your appreciation for the Lord if you fail to praise Him? Why should He be of great worth to you? When is the last time you praised Him?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Take some time to praise the Lord in prayer.
  • Ask God to help you to be more aware of your praise for Him.