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False Teachers Compared to Wells Without Water

“These are wells without water,”  2Peter 2:17


  1. A Well is a fit receptacle for Water, and it is expected Water should be therein; but if it be empty, it greatly deceives and disappoints them that come to draw Water out of it:  so ministers should be stored with much grace and heavenly doctrine.  But those who come to a False-Teacher, to receive instruction and comfort for their souls, are grievously deceived.
  2. A Well that hath no good Water in it, may notwithstanding have much dirt and filth, and some foul and stinking water:  so False-Teachers, though they are empty and barren of good doctrine, yet it may be they have much corrupt, detestable, and abominable, filth of false doctrine, error, and heresy in them, which foolish ones are greedy of, draw out, and take down, to the poisoning and utter ruin of their souls.

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