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Reagan, David

What does the New Testament say about the Jew? Does the New Testament forever condemn the Jewish people as Christ-killers who eternally have the blood of Christ on their hands?  Or is this teaching simply the pitiful excuse of hatemongers looking to justify their pernicious wickedness?  What does the New Testament really say about the Jew?  That is the purpose of this brief treatise.  If you are a Jew, these words are for you. 

The Jewish people understand that when two Jews are discussing a subject they are likely to have three opinions.  However, they sometimes do not understand the differences between those who claim to follow Christ.  Many know that Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant reformation, encouraged the persecution of the Jews.  However, few know that he also wrote a paper encouraging the persecution of the group known as the Anabaptists—the forerunners of the present day Baptists.  Today, the Jews of Russia know that the Russian Baptists suffered alongside of them in that land.  Please do not think of all Christians as historically hating the people of Israel.  Even today, Baptist believers form one of the strongest blocks of supporters for the nation of Israel.  Our love is very real and is an integral part of our faith.  Let me explain. 

If there is one belief that is central to the Baptist faith, it would be the belief that the Bible is the absolute authority for all truth.  We believe that anything left to human reasoning, philosophy or tradition has a faulty foundation.  All truth must either proceed from or be tested by the Word of God.   

Our Bible consists of the Old and New Testaments bound together as one book.  Our Old Testament is the same as the Jewish Tenach.  Since the Old Testament is three times as long as the New Testament, 75% of our Bible is the same as yours.  That is a lot of common heritage. 

We know that no one can support anti-Semitism from the Tenach.  So, does the New Testament teach a hatred of the Jewish people?  The answer is a resounding “NO”!  In fact, though the New Testament is very honest in discussing the differences between the Jews and the true Christians, most of what is taught about the Jew is absolutely positive.  My belief in the authority of the New Testament is the reason for my strong love for the Jewish people.  So please read on and find out what the New Testament really says about the Jew.

David Reagan

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