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LTB Publications has been set up to offer some of the materials of David F. Reagan to those who have a desire for them. At this time, he has four booklets and a tract that are offered. Unfortunately, we are not able to do business through the internet at this time. Orders need to be prepaid by check or money order. Please be understanding until that time that we can offer better service. Write Us at

The King James Version of 1611: The Myth of Early Revisions.

This is the first of David F. Reagan's booklets. It is an answer to those who claim that the King James Bible has already been through multiple revisions. This booklet prepares you to answer anyone who ignorantly throws this challenge in your face.

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So You Want to Lose Your Salvation! How to Lose It In 14 Easy Steps.

This booklet was titled with a little bit of larceny.  Of course, no one wants to lose their salvation.  This booklet shows you how you cannot lose it by using reverse arguments.  What would have to happen before you could lose it?  Thousands of these have gone out.

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What the New Testament Says About the Jew.

Bible-believing churches have ignored Jewish evangelism for too long. This booklet acts as a help to believers who are still prejudiced toward reaching the Jew. However, it is also written to be a witnessing tool to lost Jewish people. Make sure your church has something like this on hand.

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A Tale of Three Cities: Where the Bible Versions Began.

This booklet is written as an introduction to the subject of manuscript evidence and explains how the underlying Greek texts for the New Testament were altered. The three largest cities at the time of Christ - Rome, Alexandria and Antioch - become a visual aid to show how God's word was changed...and how it was preserved.

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