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New Testament Not Anti-Semitic

The book, "The Holocaust in Historical Context," by Steven Katz argues that anti-Semitism is inherent in the New Testament itself. He is, of course, wrong. However, his ideas have received much favor in the academic world. Biblical statements by Jesus, Stephen, and Paul are all taken as hatred of the Jews by Katz. Therefore, Jesus and the apostles are to blame for the historical mistreatment of the Jews. Unfortunately, Katz entirely misses the love of Jesus in asking the Father to forgive those mistreating Him as He was taken to the cross and the love of Paul in wishing he could be "accursed from Christ" for the sake of his Jewish brethren. Neither does he explain the Old Testament prophets and their apparent anti-Semitism in numerous declarations about the stubbornness and the iniquity of the Jews. More can be read in a review of the book by Joseph Keyspr. Though some perverted souls have misread certain statements in the New Testament, the New Testament teaching compels the true believer in Christ to love the Jewish people.