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No Faith in God; No Strength in Science

According to a new study, the newspapers are again reporting that students in U.S. middle and high schools are abysmally weak in science. Even after several years of pushing for better training, there is no real improvement. American children are still far below students in other developed countries. School districts struggle to find qualified teachers for science. Michael Petrelli, vice president of a conservative think tank, is quoted in today's Wall Street Journal as saying, "It's hard for any CEO to look at this report and not feel pessimistic about the future of the American work force." The educators continue to look for causes, but perhaps their prejudices cause them to look in the wrong direction. Modern science was developed because men believed in God and in His consistent plan in an organized universe. As we have turned from God, we no longer believe in any absolute authority. Why, then, should we strive to understand the universe? It has no meaning. All that matters is our present experience. That has been the emphasis of education for decades. As we turn further and further away from God, we should expect to become more and more of a third-rate country.