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Problems in New Churches

What are the problems faced by the new churches?

Newly formed churches usually have a wonderful energy and love for the Lord. They are often instrumental in reaching the lost at a faster pace than older, established churches. They are in a real sense at the cutting edge of the work of the gospel. Older churches have much that can be
learned from new churches.

However, you asked me about the problems faced by new churches. Of course, the Bible does not give us a list, so I can only draw from my own experience and observations. As always, these comments are valuable only to the extent that they line up with God's word. Let me list a few
problems that seem to be especially found in new churches (though they can occur in older ones as well):

  1. Male Leadership - New churches tend to draw more ladies and come up short on godly men who can help lead the church in the right way. I am not taking anything away from the godly women who are in the churches. But God has established a plan for the church that requires male leadership. Sometimes, the first real need of the church is for these men. It should be a matter of prayer from the start.
  2. Model Families - In order to know how to have a Christian marriage and family, most people need to see the proper ways of living in the lives of others. Initially, this example should come from the pastor and his family. However, God needs to raise up other families in the church who can help others see what a Christian marriage and a Christian family should be like. As you can see, this need is related to the need for godly men in the church. When you get one, you will begin to get the other. But this should also be a matter of prayer.
  3. Maturity - Immature believers tend to go from one extreme to another. They get very excited when things are going well and get very depressed when something goes wrong. Mature believers moderate these extremes so that the church is not destroyed by them. This takes training, discipleship, and time, but it is very important.
  4. Stability in Doctrine - Young believers are more likely to be "tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine" (Ephesians 4:14). There is a real danger of young congregations falling into false doctrine because of this. The solution is for the pastor to spend serious time teaching the basic doctrines of the faith to the entire congregation. As has been said by others, those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

These, at least, are the problems that come to my mind as I consider your excellent question. I am sure that others could add much to this. May the Lord bless you.