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Satan's Rebellion and Fall

Where in all of the scripture is there expressly described the scenario of Lucifer deceiving other of God's heavenly host and causing them to rebel along with him against God ? I know Jesus said He saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I know in Genesis 6 that there were angels who left heaven because they fell in lust with women of earth. Scripture expressly writes of Lucifer and the secret desire of his perverted heart and mind to take Gods' place. And I know that Jude writes of angels not keeping what he calls, " their first estate ". But is there some set of scriptures which actually provide an express narrative of Lucifer deceiving and causing other angels to rebel against God?

I have no doubt that the story of the fall of Satan and the angels who followed him has been added to by many teachers, preachers, and writers to a point far beyond the clear teaching of scripture. In fact, I can think of no verse that specifically speaks of the fallen angels as being deceived into following Satan. However, although God does not give us a detailed account of the events surrounding the fall of the angels, the scriptures do not leave us without any clues.

Consider the following. Matthew 25:41 refers to "the devil and his angels." Revelation 12:7-9 describes the fighting of the dragon (identified as the devil) and "his angels." If nothing else, this indicates a master-servant relationship between the devil and the fallen angels. They follow him. They obey him. This relationship had to begin at some time in the past. Revelation 12:4 gives another small piece of the puzzle. Of the dragon, or devil, this verse states: "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth." In context, the stars certainly refer to the angels. In the Revelation message to the seven churches, the seven stars are identified as angels (Revelation 1:20). Both the heavenly bodies and the angels themselves are called the host of heaven in scripture. Clearly, the stars of Revelation 12:4 match the fallen angels of Revelation 12:7, Revelation 12:9.

We see in Revelation 12:4 that the tail of the dragon (the devil) drew the third part of the stars of heaven (the angels who followed the devil). That means that the devil in some way convinced a third of the angels to follow him in his rebellion. The Bible does not say that he deceived them (as he did Eve). I really do not believe that they were deceived. They certainly knew what they were doing. However, if he drew them, he must have convinced and persuaded them to rebel against their Creator God.

Admittedly, the Bible does not tell us a great deal about this event. God evidently does not feel that we need to know a lot about it. It is sufficient for us to know that the spiritual battle we fight goes much further than the problems we can see with our own eyes. May the Lord bless you as you strive to please Him.