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Say Not Ye, There Are Yet Four Months - John 4:35

Say Not Ye, There Are Yet Four Months - John 4:35


In the context of this passage, the Lord had been dealing with a Samaritan woman in the absence of His disciples. When the disciples returned, the woman left to tell others that she had found the Christ. The disciples had gone to get some food and begged the Lord to eat; but instead of eating, the Lord took the opportunity to teach His disciples. He told them that His main focus was to complete the will of God. In the lesson, the Lord brought the attention of His disciples to a harvest. He emphasized that souls were not to be labored for in the future, but now. The fields were white already to harvest. There was no time for delay.


  • (For smaller children) Do you put off learning your Bible verse until the day before you are supposed to say it? What usually happens? Wouldn't it be better to practice a little each day?
  • Do you constantly find yourself making excuses why something cannot be done today? Do you find that you put things off until they do not get done? The Lord is calling you to diligence!
  • Like a harvest, the work of God has a time associated with it. We only have a little while on this earth before our time is up. What are you doing to serve the Lord today?


  • Ask God to help you prioritize your life.
  • Ask God to give you an urgency about your service to Him.


Little Is Much When God Is in It