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The Subtle Path to Adultery

Introduction:  The home is under attack.  Each part of the home is attacked in different ways.  Often the children are targeted through toys, video games and movies.  The women are targeted through various means with the “dream guy” concept or the lifestyle of sin operas.  Often women fall prey by what they hear.  Men are different.  Men are endangered by what they see.  This world is trying to make sure and corrupt the minds of godly men through the eyes.  Job understood this tendency and sought a way to fight it.  We too ought to do the same.

  1. THE WANDERING EYE (Job 31:1)
    1. A Covenant with the Eyes
    2. Why Think on a Maid
    1. The Eyes Effect the Heart (Lamentations 3:51)
    2. The Look of Lust is Adultery in the Heart (Matthew 5:28)
  3. THE CONSUMING FIRE (job 31:11-12)
    1. It is a Heinous Crime (Job 31:11)
    2. It is a Fire that Consumeth
      1. It consumes to destruction (Job 31:12; Proverbs 6:25-29)
      2. It would root out all mine increase (Job 31:12; Proverbs 6:26)
    1. The Covenant of the Eyes (Job 31:1)
    2. The Word of God (Proverbs 6:20-24)
    3. The Work of the Wife (Proverbs 30:10-12)

Conclusion:  What are your eyes looking on?  Where is your heart wandering?  Ladies what are you doing to help men keep their minds and hearts pure?