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Rejecting God's Word

INTRODUCTION: God commanded Jeremiah to get His words written in a book and read to the leaders of Judah. The roll declared the judgment of God on Judah because of their disobedience. The purpose of the words was to turn the people back to God. What will the people do with the words of God?

  1. THE WRITING OF THE ROLL (Jeremiah 36:1-4)
    1. The Timing of the Writing (Jeremiah 36:1)
      1. The fourth year of Jehoiakim
      2. The first year of Nebuchadrezzar, king of Babylon (Jeremiah 25:1)
    2. The Content of the Writing (Jeremiah 36:2)
      1. All the Lords words against
        1. Israel
        2. Judah
        3. All the nations
      2. All the Lords words
        1. From the day that He spake unto Jeremiah
        2. Even unto this day
    3. The Purpose of the Writing (Jeremiah 36:3)
      1. To declare Gods judgment to Judah
      2. In hopes that Judah will repent
      3. So that God may forgive their iniquity and their sin
    4. The Process of the Writing (Jeremiah 36:4)
      1. Written upon a roll of a book (Jeremiah 36:2, 4)
      2. Written by the hand of Baruch
      3. Written from the mouth of Jeremiah
      4. Written as the words of the LORD (see Jeremiah 36:2; Jeremiah 1:9; Jeremiah 5:14)
      5. Note: Though the words came from the mouth of Jeremiah, they were not his words. Gods words were placed in Jeremiahs mouth.
  2. THE READING OF THE ROLL (Jeremiah 36:5-19)
    1. The Reading in the House of the Lord (Jeremiah 36:5-10)
      1. The request for the reading (Jeremiah 36:5-6)
        1. Jeremiah could not go because he was shut up in prison.
        2. Jeremiah asked Baruch to go read.
      2. The details of the reading (Jeremiah 36:6)
        1. To be read in the house of the Lord
        2. To be read upon the fasting day
        3. To be read in the ears of all Judah as they came out of their cities
      3. The purpose of the reading (Jeremiah 36:7)
        1. In hopes the people will present their supplication before the LORD
        2. In hopes the people will return from their evil ways
        3. In hopes the LORDs pronounced judgment could be relieved
      4. The obedience of Baruch (Jeremiah 36:8-10)
        1. The place of the reading
          1. In the LORDs house (Jeremiah 36:8, 10)
          2. In the chamber of Gemariah, at the entry of the new gate of the LORDs house (Jeremiah 36:10)
        2. The time of the reading
          1. In the fifth year, ninth month of Jehoiakim (Jeremiah 36:9)
          2. On a day of fasting (Jeremiah 36:9)
        3. The hearers of the reading in the ears of all  the people (Jeremiah 36:10)
    2. The Reading in the House of the King (Jeremiah 36:11-19)
      1. The report of Michaiah (Jeremiah 36:11-13)
        1. Michaiah heard the reading of Baruch (Jeremiah 36:11).
        2. Michaiah went immediately to the kings house, into the scribes chamber (Jeremiah 36:12).
        3. Michaiah told all the princes about the words read by Baruch (Jeremiah 36:13).
      2. The request for a special hearing (Jeremiah 36:14-19)
        1. The princes sent Jehudi to request a special hearing (Jeremiah 36:14).
        2. Baruch was asked to read the words to the princes (Jeremiah 36:15).
        3. The princes responded to the words of Baruch (Jeremiah 36:16-19).
          1. They were afraid because of the words (Jeremiah 36:16).
          2. They knew they must tell the king (Jeremiah 36:16).
          3. They asked Baruch about the recording of the words (Jeremiah 36:17-18).
          4. They suggested that Baruch and Jeremiah should hide (Jeremiah 36:19).
  3. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ROLL (Jeremiah 36:20-26)
    1. The Reading Before the King (Jeremiah 36:20-21)
      1. They told the king what the roll said (Jeremiah 36:20).
      2. The king sent Jehudi to bring the roll and read it (Jeremiah 36:21).
    2. The Destruction of the Roll (Jeremiah 36:22-23)
      1. The setting of the reading (Jeremiah 36:22)
        1. The king sat in the winterhouse (it was in the ninth month).
        2. There was a fire on the hearth.
      2. The destruction of the roll (Jeremiah 36:23)
        1. After reading 3 or 4 leaves, Jehudi cut the roll with a penknife.
        2. He cast the roll into the fire.
        3. All the roll was consumed in the fire.
    3. The Mixed Reaction (Jeremiah 36:24-26)
      1. The absence of fear (Jeremiah 36:24)
      2. The intercession to protect the roll (Jeremiah 36:25)
      3. The desire to take Baruch and Jeremiah (Jeremiah 36:26)
  4. THE REWRITING OF THE ROLL (Jeremiah 36:27-32)
    1. The Word of the Lord to Jeremiah (Jeremiah 36:27-28)
      1. After the burning of the roll (Jeremiah 36:27)
      2. Requesting a rewrite of the words of the LORD (Jeremiah 36:28)
    2. The Word of the Lord for Jehoiakim (Jeremiah 36:29-31)
      1. The king of Babylon shall destroy this land (Jeremiah 36:29).
      2. There will be none to sit upon the throne of David (Jeremiah 36:30).
      3. The kings seed will be punished (Jeremiah 36:31).
    3. The Rewriting of the Roll (Jeremiah 36:32)
      1. Rewriting all the words of the book which had been burned
      2. Adding unto them many like words

CONCLUSION: The king destroyed the word of the Lord, but in reality he only destroyed one copy of it. God gave the word to Jeremiah again because He is the preserver of His own word. In fact, according to Jeremiah 36:32, God even added to His own words. How do you receive the words of God? Do you cut them out by not obeying them or do you obey the commands of the Lord?