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The Law of the Nazarite

INTRODUCTION: This chapter deals specifically with the law of the Nazarite. Whereas chapter 5 dealt with separation from something, chapter 6 deals with separation unto God. This lesson demonstrates the great blessing found in voluntarily setting your life apart for the purpose of bringing glory to the Lord.

Chapter makeup

27 verses

  • 3 is the number of divine being.
  • 9 is the number of fruitfulness.

A similar connection is found in the Book of Leviticus which has 27 chapters and deals much with holiness and separation.

This chapter deals with the fruit of the divine being working in the heart of a man or woman.

Key words or phrases

Separate, separateth, separation occurs 16 times.

Holy occurs 3 times.

Consecrate, consecration occurs 3 times.

Unto the Lord occurs 8 times.

  1. His Separation (Numbers 6:1-8)
    1. Who Can Vow (Numbers 6:2)
      1. Either man
      2. Or woman
      3. Apparently, parents could place this vow upon their child (Judges 13:5, 7; Judges 16:17).
    2. A Voluntary Vow (Numbers 6:2)
      1. A voluntary vow is a vow that is made of a persons free will.
      2. This vow was obviously voluntary as noted by the phrases of separation.
        1. Separate themselves (Numbers 6:2)
        2. Separate or separateth himself (Numbers 6:3, 5, 6)
        3. His separation (Numbers 6:4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 21)
    3. From the Vine Tree (Numbers 6:3-4)
      1. No wine or strong drink (Numbers 6:3)
      2. No liquor of grapes grape juice (Numbers 6:3)
      3. Eat no moist grapes (Numbers 6:3).
      4. Eat no dried grapes (Numbers 6:3).
      5. Nothing from the kernels even to the husk (Numbers 6:4)
    4. His Hair (Numbers 6:5)
      1. No razor shall come upon his head - this would mean that a mans hair would be allowed to grow to a longer length than normal.
      2. Until the days be fulfilled once the days were completed, the Nazarite could cut his hair.
      3. Note: Some have confused the term Nazarite with the term Nazarene.
        1. Jesus was a Nazarene meaning He came from Nazareth (Matthew 2:23).
        2. A Nazarite is a person who takes the vow explained in Numbers 6.
        3. Therefore this is not proof that Jesus had long hair.
    5. From the Dead (Numbers 6:6-8)
      1. Come at no dead body (Numbers 6:6).
      2. He would be unclean (Numbers 6:7).
      3. The consecration of God is upon his head (Numbers 6:7).
  2. His Sacrifice (Numbers 6:9-21)
    1. His Separation Defiled (Numbers 6:9-12)
      1. He shall shave his head (Numbers 6:9).
        1. In the day of his cleansing
        2. On the seventh day
      2. On the eighth day (Numbers 6:10-11)
        1. Bring two turtles or young pigeons.
        2. To the priest
        3. To the door of the tabernacle
        4. The priest shall offer one for a sin offering.
        5. The priest shall offer the other for a burnt offering.
      3. Trespass offering (Numbers 6:12)
        1. Lamb of the first year
        2. For a trespass offering
      4. Previous time lost (Numbers 6:12)
    2. His Separation Fulfilled (Numbers 6:13-21)
      1. He shall be brought to the door of the tabernacle (Numbers 6:13).
      2. The burnt offering (Numbers 6:14)
        1. One he lamb
        2. Of the first year
        3. Without blemish
      3. The sin offering (Numbers 6:14)
        1. One ewe lamb
        2. Of the first year
        3. Without blemish
      4. The peace offering (Numbers 6:14)
        1. One ram
        2. Without blemish
      5. The meat offering (Numbers 6:15,17)
      6. The drink offering (Numbers 6:15,17)
      7. Shaving of the head (Numbers 6:18)
        1. Shave the head
        2. Put the hair in the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings.
      8. The wave offering (Numbers 6:19-20)
        1. One sodden shoulder of the ram
        2. One unleavened cake
        3. One unleavened wafer
        4. Put into the hands of the Nazarite
        5. The priest shall wave them before the Lord.
        6. This is holy for the priest.
      9. After that the Nazarite may drink wine (Numbers 6:20).
  3. His Blessing (Numbers 6:22-27)
    1. The Nature of the Blessing
      1. The blessing has seven parts to it. The number 7 is connected to completion.
      2. It is bookmarked with a promise of Gods blessings.
      3. Each part of the blessing is actually fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2. The Parts of the Blessing
      1. The Lord bless thee (Numbers 6:24, 27).
      2. The Lord keep thee (Numbers 6:24).
      3. The Lords face shine upon thee (Numbers 6:25).
      4. The Lord be gracious unto thee (Numbers 6:25).
      5. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee (Numbers 6:26).
      6. The Lord give thee peace (Numbers 6:26).
      7. The Lord put His name upon the children of Israel (Numbers 6:27).

CONCLUSION: Are you, like the Nazarite, willing to voluntarily separate yourself from the things of this life in order to draw nigh to God? May the Lord use the example of the Nazarite to stir us to live holy before the Lord.