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The Right of Inheritance

INTRODUCTION: In this chapter, one generation has passed away and a younger generation is taking their places. Who will take over when the old saints die and go to be with the Lord? This is an inheritance that we need to pick up with zeal and energy. Are you ready to take your inheritance?

  1. THE INHERITANCE OF PROPERTY (Numbers 27:1-11)
    1. The Daughters of Zelophehad State Their Case to Moses (Numbers 27:1-5).
      1. They approach Moses (Numbers 27:1-2).
        1. Notice the ease with which even women could approach Moses in order to seek justice (Exodus 18:13).
        2. This entire incident demonstrates how cases were settled under the law (see Numbers 15:32-35).
      2. They state their case (Numbers 27:3-4).
        1. Their father died in his own sin without partaking of the rebellion of Korah (Numbers 27:3).
        2. Their father died without sons (Numbers 27:3).
        3. Why should their fathers name disappear among the families of the tribes? (Numbers 27:4)
        4. Give a possession to his daughters so that his name might go on (Numbers 27:4)
        5. The zeal of these women
          1. The possible removal of their fathers landmarks (Proverbs 22:28)
          2. Fighting for things that were rightfully theirs
      3. Moses takes their case to God (Numbers 27:5; Deuteronomy 17:8-13).
    2. The Lord Establishes the Line of Inheritance (Numbers 27:6-11).
      1. The case of the daughters of Zelophehad (Numbers 27:6-7)
        1. The daughters of Zelophehad speak right (Numbers 26:7).
        2. Moses was to give them a possession (Numbers 26:7; Galatians 3:28).
        3. Moses would cause the inheritance of their father to pass unto them (Numbers 26:7).
      2. The order of inheritance (Numbers 27:8-11)
        1. The inheritance would first pass unto the sons (Numbers 27:3, 8).
        2. If a man has no son (Numbers 27:8)
        3. If a man has no daughters (Numbers 27:9)
        4. If a man has no brethren (Numbers 27:10)
        5. If a mans father has no brethren (Numbers 27:11)
        6. This shall be a statute of judgment for the children of Israel (Numbers 27:11).
  2. THE INHERITANCE OF POSITION (Numbers 27:12-23)
    1. Moses To Prepare for Death (Numbers 27:12-14)
      1. Moses to view the land (Numbers 27:12)
        1. From Mount Abarim
        2. This is the same as Mount Pisgah (Deuteronomy 3:27; Deuteronomy 32:49-51).
        3. This viewing is a gift from the Lord to the man of God.
          1. Moses viewing the land (Deuteronomy 3:23-27)
          2. Israel seeing Joseph alive (Genesis 46:28-30)
          3. Simeon holding the Lord (Luke 2:25-33)
      2. Moses to be gathered unto his people (Numbers 27:13)
        1. After viewing the land
        2. Passing as did his brother Aaron
      3. The reason for Moses departure (Numbers 27:14)
        1. Rebellion against the Lords commandment
        2. Failure to sanctify the Lord at the water before the eyes of the children of Israel
    2. Moses Seeks a Man To Replace Him (Numbers 27:15-17).
      1. Moses approaches the Lord (Numbers 27:15-16a); the God of the spirits of all flesh (Numbers 16:22; Hebrews 12:9).
      2. Moses requests a man to follow him (Numbers 27:16b).
      3. Moses defines the quality of man he desires (Numbers 27:17a).
        1. His vitality he goes in and goes out (John 10:9).
        2. His visibility before them
          1. Living in a glass house (1 Samuel 18:12-16)
          2. Required to have a good report (1 Timothy 3:7)
          3. An ensample to the flock (1 Peter 5:3)
        3. His vision
          1. He leads them out; he shows them the way to go (2 Corinthians 4:1).
          2. He brings them in; he brings them back to safety; he cares for them (Hebrews 13:17).
      4. Moses desires a man for the sake of the congregation (Numbers 27:17b; Acts 13:1-4).
    3. Moses Appoints Joshua as His Successor (Numbers 27:18-23).
      1. The call of his successor (Numbers 27:18)
        1. Revealed to Moses
        2. Called by name
          1. Joshua
          2. The son of Nun
        3. A man in whom is the spirit
          1. We commonly think of the Spirit coming upon men in the Old Testament.
          2. Apparently Joshua was a man who experienced the indwelling of the Spirit in some way.
      2. The charge of his successor (Numbers 27:18-20)
        1. Lay thine hand upon him (Numbers 27:18).
        2. Set him before Eleazar the priest and all the congregation (Numbers 27:19).
        3. Give him a charge in their sight (Numbers 27:19; 2 Timothy 4:1-8).
        4. Thou shalt put some of thine honour upon him (Numbers 27:20).
        5. That the congregation may be obedient (Numbers 27:20)
      3. The commission of his successor (Numbers 27:21)
        1. He shall stand before Eleazar the priest.
        2. Eleazar shall ask counsel for Joshua before the Lord.
          1. This seems to indicate that Joshua would go to the Lord through the priest.
          2. Moses was not so.
        3. At his word shall they go out and come in.
          1. The his word could be Joshua.
          2. The his word could be Eleazar.
          3. The his word most likely refers to the Lord.
      4. The completion of the charge (Numbers 27:22-23)

CONCLUSION: Who will fill the ranks of the dying saints? Who will fill the ranks of the dying preachers, missionaries and pastors? Will you?