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The Word of God

INTRODUCTION:  Psalm 119 is the longest psalm and the longest chapter in the Bible. It contains 176 verses. That is eight verses for every one of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Many Bible have the Hebrew letters at the beginning of each section of eight verses. The central theme of this psalm is the word of God. At least 173 of the 176 verses mention the Bible by some title or another. Common synonyms for the Bible in the psalm include law, testimonies, ways, precepts, statutes, commandments, judgments, and word (these can all be found in the first nine verse of the psalm).

The evidence for the number twenty-two is not absolute, but there is significant evidence that it refers to the scriptures. The golden candlestick had a design which gave it 22 bowls with knops and flowers (Exodus 25:31-34). The word of God is our lamp (Psalm 119:105). The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. The most common length of chapter in the Bible has 22 verses. The longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119, has 176 verses which is 22 times 8.  It is about the word of God.

The psalm does not divide up into sub-themes easily. Its theme is the word of God and every verse points to that word in some way. Sometimes, several verses in a row point to a common topic. At other times, the sub-topics change with each verse. But this is a beautiful psalm that continually points people back to the word of God and its power in our lives. There are also numerous key verses that establish important doctrines about God’s word.

  1. WALKING IN THE WORD (Psalm 119:1-8)
    1. The Blessing of Walking in Gods Word (Psalm 119:1-2)
    2. The Obedience of Walking in Gods Word (Psalm 119:3-4)
    3. The Struggle of Walking in Gods Word (Psalm 119:5-6)
    4. The Benefits of Walking in Gods Word (Psalm 119:7-8)
      1. The praise of the Lord
      2. The presence of the Lord
  2. CLEANSED BY THE WORD (Psalm 119:9-13)
    1. Cleansing the Way of the Young Man (Psalm 119:9)
    2. Cleansing Those Who Seek with the Whole Heart (Psalm 119:10)
    3. Cleansing through the Hiding of Gods Word in the Heart (Psalm 119:11) Note: God desires for us to memorize portions of His word and hide them in our hearts (Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Job 22:22; Proverbs 7:1-3).
    4. Cleansing So That Gods Word Might Be Proclaimed (Psalm 119:12-13)
  3. REJOICING IN THE WORD (Psalm 119:14-18)
    1. Rejoicing in the Riches of Gods Word (Psalm 119:14)
    2. Rejoicing in the Teaching of Gods Word (Psalm 119:15-16)
      1. Meditation (Psalm 119:15; Psalm 1:2)
        1. Through meditation we digest the truths of God.  This increases our understanding of Gods way and leads us to the path of wisdom. (Psalm 49:3; Psalm 119:98)
        2. Through meditation we apply the teachings of scripture to our heart and life.  We are changed to our profit. (Joshua 1:8; 1 Timothy 4:15)
        3. Through meditation we are kept from sin and are brought into a position of holiness with God. (Psalm 1:1; Psalm 19:13-14)
        4. Through meditation our work for the Lord will be prosperous and we will accomplish that which He pleases. (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:2-3)
        5. Meditation works as an aid to our prayer life. (Psalm 5:1-2)
        6. Meditation on the things of God strengthens us when we are being attacked by the ungodly. (Psalm 119:23, 78)
        7. Through meditation God gives us peace and joy and conquers the melancholy spirit. (Psalm 63:5; Psalm 104:33)
      2. Delight (Psalm 119:16; Jeremiah 15:16)
    3. Rejoicing in the Keeping of Gods Word (Psalm 119:17)
    4. Rejoicing in the unfolding of Gods Word (Psalm 119:18) Note: this verse is a wonderful prayer with which to begin any study of the Bible.
  4. EXALTATION OF THE WORD (Psalm 119:89-96)
    1. Exalted by Its Place in Heaven (Psalm 119:89) 0 the eternity of Gods word
    2. Exalted by the Faithfulness of God (Psalm 119:90-91)
    3. Exalted by Its Power in Times of Affliction (Psalm 119:92-95)
    4. Exalted by the Broadness of Its Truth (Psalm 119:96)
  5. LEARNING FROM THE WORD (Psalm 119:97-105)
    1. Learning Through Daily Meditation (Psalm 119:97)
    2. Learning Beyond All Other Learning (Psalm 119:98-100)
      1. Wiser than his enemies (Psalm 119:98)
      2. Wiser than his teachers (Psalm 119:99)
      3. Wiser than the ancients (Psalm 119:100)
    3. Learning That Remains in the Learner (Psalm 119:101-102)
    4. Learning That is Sweet to the Soul (Psalm 119:103)
    5. Learning That Turns the Soul From Falsehood (Psalm 119:104)
    6. Learning That Lightens the Way (Psalm 119:105)
  6. LED BY THE WORD (Psalm 119:129-136)
    1. Led by the Light of the Word (Psalm 119:129-130)
    2. Led by the Love of the Word (Psalm 119:131-132)
    3. Led by the Teaching of the Word (Psalm 119:133-135)
    4. Led by the Shunning of the Unrighteous (Psalm 119:136)
  7. PURIFIED BY THE WORD (Psalm 119:137-140)
    1. Pure Words from a Pure God (Psalm 119:137-138)
    2. Pure Words Rejected by Men (Psalm 119:139)
    3. Pure Words Loved by Gods Servant (Psalm 119:140)

CONCLUSION:  Do you believe in the words of God? Do you read them? Study them? Meditate upon them? Memorize them? Do you make them a part of you? This is the path to full blessing for the believer. See Joshua 1:8.

MEMORY VERSES:  Psalm 119:1, 9, 11, 18, 89, 96, 97, 103, 105, 130, 133, 140