The Glory of Jerusalem (Daily Portion 10413)

Content Author: 
Reagan, David
Scripture Passage: 
Isaiah 62:1-12

This chapter describes the glory that will one day come to God’s chosen city of Jerusalem. In much of the chapter, God is speaking directly to the city. Notice also how the earthly city is a picture and type of the heavenly Jerusalem that comes down in the book of Revelation (chapters 21 & 22).

What Does It Say?

  1. One day, the Gentiles will see the ____________ of Jerusalem and all kings will see her ________.
  2. Jerusalem will be a crown of ________ in the hand of the Lord and a royal ________ in the hand of her God.
  3. God will ________ over Jerusalem as a bridegroom ___________ over the bride.
  4. “The LORD hath sworn by his _________ hand, and by the arm of his __________.”
  5. Jerusalem will be called __________ out and a city not ___________.

What Does It Mean?

  1. The righteousness of Jerusalem will go forth as brightness and her salvation as “a lamp that burneth” (v.1). How is salvation like a lamp? What else do lamps picture in the Bible? For help see the following: Genesis 15:17; Exodus 27:20-21; Leviticus 24:1-4; Judges 7:16-20; 1Samuel 3:3; 2Samuel 22:29; 1Kings 15:4; Psalm 119:105; Proverbs 6:23; Matthew 5:14-16; Philippians 2:15.
  2. In verse four, Jerusalem has been Forsaken and Desolate but will be called Hephzibah and Beulah. What is the significance of these names? See Isaiah 6:11; Isaiah 54:1. Hephzibah means my delight is in her. Beulah means married. How does Forsaken become Hephzibah? How does Desolate become Beulah?
  3. Read verse 11 and compare it to Zechariah 9:9 and Matthew 21:4-9. Carefully read verse 11. How does each part apply to Jesus Christ?

What Does It Mean to Me?

  1. Verses six and seven refer to watchmen who are set on the walls of Jerusalem. Read each phrase in these verses and tell the ways in which the watchmen are like prayer warriors. What lessons can we learn about prayer from these verses?
  2. Verse ten describes the effort to be taken to make the way to Jerusalem clear and easy. How can this help us see ways by which we can make the way to trusting Jesus Christ as Saviour clear? List things that this verse suggests to you about leading others to Christ.

Suggested Memory Verses

Isaiah 62:4, 6, 7, 10, 11

David Reagan
Daily Proverb

Proverbs 11:22

As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.