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Our Temptations are Common to All

A. W. Tozer told this of his parents: "My father was a tough English farmer. I was proud of the strength of my father. But when he got a cold, he became the biggest baby in the world. He would say that nobody ever had a cold like this. My poor, little, old German mother could get so sick that she would go limping around, pale and tired out, yet she had to keep going. But when my big, tough father got sick, he laid down and called for her, and she had to wait on him. He thought that the kind of cold he got was unique, but it was just a cold in his nose. Likewise, we think we’re tempted above all others. We should remember, however, that there have been saints that have crossed the briar patch where we are now, and they got out all right. [1Corinthians 10:13] If we believe God, we’ll make it too."