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Seeking God; Not the Experience

E. M. Bounds, the author of many books on prayer, observed a revival during the years 1904-1905. "As the revival ebbed in 1905, many churches focused on activities directed toward self rather than submission to God. Forum and programs became the hallmark of the day instead of submission, obedience, and sacrifice. Church leadership began to try to emulate what God had done through the Great Awakening and to duplicate the experiences. Yet they were unable to duplicate the movement of the Spirit of almighty God. Bounds challenged Christians to the command of Christ to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness [Matthew 6:33]. The will of God is not geographical but positional. Standing ‘holy and acceptable before God is our reasonable service’ and is the perfect will of God for our lives. Otherwise, church ‘activities’ will be just that rather than the result of fresh anointing and empowerment."