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Three Stages of Spiritual Maturity

"First John 2 [1John 2:12-14] gives us three stages of maturity among believers. John speaks of the ‘little child’ as the one who understands that his sins are forgiven. That stage is very important and in understanding it, we all say ‘Amen.’ The ‘young men’ are those who have overcome the wicked one. At that point we have a great drop-out rate among our ranks. There are those strong enough to take on spiritual warfare without hurting God’s name in the process, but they are fewer and fewer compared to what we have seen in church history. Finally, John says the third category is ‘fathers.’ They are such because they ‘know God.’ It is important to note that ‘fathers’ are referred to not only because they are older, but also because it is the father that produces children. They are selfless and secure enough to ‘grow others up.’ God knows we are in great need of a double dose of ‘fathers’ within Christianity, not men who are supersaints, but men who understand and know God."