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Vacuum Between the Ears

Robert Robinson (1735-1790) is probably best known as the composer of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. However, in the late 1700's, he was pastor of the Baptist church in the college town of Cambridge in England. He often had college students from Cambridge visit him, but more often than not, then came to heckle or to disturb the services. According to a biography of Robinson by Graham Hughes called With Freedom Fired (p.22), one evening in January 1773, Robinson preached a message entitled A Becoming Behaviour in Religious Assemblies. "At one point Robinson put the question which he said was sometimes debated in academic circles: 'Is there a vacuum in nature?' Looking the culprits straight in the eye he paused, then answered affirmatively: 'It is in the brain of him who behaves ill at divine worship.'"