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Too Late

We just received this in a letter from a missionary we support in Nepal: "As we recently returned from church, we came upon a commotion along the side of the street. At first, I was too far away to understand what was happening; but as we walked closer I then saw one man hit another. Dust flew up as the struggle began and quickly two others joined the first in attacking the one man now stunned by the blow he had received. These three strong-men, larger than most Nepali, grabbed the one and would not let him go. 'What are you doing?' some asked in an attempt to stop the struggle. But when the three answered that the one had stolen something of theirs, all dissent came to an end. Thieves are often not turned over to the police here, but are taken by whoever captures them and beaten severely. This is not the first time I had seen such a thing, but it was the first time, I had seen it in the light of day. Finally, with all hope for escape and mercy spent, the thief began to cry. Forty-five years old or so, he whimpered like a baby as he was dragged away to be beaten.

I suppose the man had not wept at all as he stole whatever it was that he took; but as he was taken away, he cried for mercy that would not come. His guilt had brought no remorse; but terror too late wakened his once-dull heart to the crime he had committed and the penalty he now faced. I have tried to keep this same scene before my mind as I passed the crowds here or ventured out on the streets to distribute tracts. Most of this guilty world, too comfortable with guilt, will only awake to their crimes when their season for repentance has already passed and they face the penalty for not trusting in the work of the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of these same sins; but this does not have to be and so we are constrained to do our part to get the gospel to everyone we can." May we all be stirred to tell the world about Jesus Christ before it is too late for anything but the judgment of God.