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A Window of Time to Serve - Acts 13:36

A Window of Time to Serve - Acts 13:36 


This life offers only a window of time to work for the Lord. Youth and old age both offer their own hindrances to service. In many ways, though not entirely, youth should be spent in learning, middle age in doing, and old age in teaching. Many of the greatest servants of the Lord found in scripture began their journey in youth by learning of the Lord and His ways (1 Kings 18:12; Psalm 71:5; 2 Chronicles 34:3; Job 29:4; Ecclesiastes 12:1). As they approached the prime of life, they put their learning to use by serving the Lord (Numbers 8:24-25). As they passed their prime, they would pass their knowledge on to the next generation in hopes the work of God would go on (2 Timothy 4:1-8).


  • (For smaller children) What can you do for the Lord? You can be like Timothy and learn your Bible verses (2 Timothy 3:15). Practice what you know to do: obey Dad and Mom; listen in Sunday School and church; be helpful. You will be able to help others (2 Timothy 2:2).
  • In what age group would you be at this point in your life? Are you serving the Lord to the best of your ability? Are you learning of Him, serving Him, and teaching others about Him?
  • How is each time of life just as important as every other time? How can ones failure to learn in youth affect his service in his prime? How does it hurt others when the older refuse to teach?


  • Ask the Lord to help you be faithful in each phase of life.
  • Ask God to help you make the best use of your window of time.


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