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Book Sets for Students

Christian Book Distributors has two limited-time offers that should be of interest to preachers and other serious Bible students. "Systematic Theology" by Lewis Perry Chafer is a four volume hardback set (originally eight volumes) of about 3000 pages. It is the most extensive theology I know of that is both dispensational and premillennial. I have always found Chafer to be a bit dry in his writing style and, as with everyone, I disagree in areas, but the work is a great reference tool. The entire set is being offered for $49.99. I paid quite a bit more for my set. I highly recommend this to preachers. This may be your best time to get it.

They are also offering in hardback the eight-volume "History of the Christian Church" by Philip Schaff for $49.99. Philip Schaff was on the Revision Committee for the American Standard Version of 1901 and was a liberal in much of his theology. However, he was a serious and honest scholar in his historical studies. That makes this 7000 page work extremely valuable. Considering the normal lot of comprehensive histories, he is also quite readable. Unfortunately, the history ends with the Swiss Reformation of the early seventeenth. However, if you want to have one of the best resources for general church history, this is a great time to get it.

One note: we are not set up on any sort of affiliate program and will not receive anything if you order one of these sets. I just wanted you to know about them.