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You Might Grow Up to be a Pig

The number of marriages have spiked in China this year according to an article in today's "Wall Street Journal." There are several reasons. First, the Chinese lunar calendar requires an extra month every few years in order to keep the seasons at the same time of year (the ancient Jewish canendar must do the same). This year, the extra month creates one year with two lunar springs, a rare and lucky year in Chinese superstition (the last one being in 1944); and a great year to get married. Second, this is the year of the dog in China, which is considered a good year to get married. Finally, next year is the year of the pig, one of the best years to be born and therefore a great year to have a child. Since pigs are seen as fat and having comfortable lives, pig babies are expected to have an especially easy time in life. Parents are pushing their children to get married this year. In People's Park in Shanghai, parents gather every Saturday holding up signs with the vital statistics of their single adult children hoping to draw a prospect for them. One sign tells of a 27-year-old daughter who is five-feet-three-inches tall, weighs 105 pounds, has white skin, and earns $560 a month as a fashion designer. I don't think that my own single adult chiildren are interested in me trying this for them.